Gu, Ming-gao


Designing clinical trials
  Click Determination of Power and Sample Size in the Design of Clinical Trials with Failure-time Endpoints and Interim Analyses for documentation of the programs for evaluating power and sample size. If you want to read the full text of the paper with the same title, download Group Sequential Tests of Failure Times, which is the paper's abbreviated title. If you have trouble reading the above file in the PS format, here is the LaTeX Version.
  DOS Program, Input Files and Simple Instructions for Sample Size Calculation
 DOS executable file
 Sample input file
 FORTRAN source code
 Demonstration I 
 Example 1 input file | output file
 Example 2 input file | output file
 Example 3 input file | output file
 Example 4 input file | output file
  Download Program, Input File and Simple instructions for Power Simulation
 DOS executable file
 Sample input file
 FORTRAN source code
 Demonstration II
 Example 5 input file | output file
  Windows version of the above program and simple instructions for running the program. 
A PowerPoint presentation on clinical trials
  Presentation in PowerPoint
LogRank statistic & Examples in Word format



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