Statistical Consulting Services Unit

The Statistical Consulting Services Unit is a consulting unit established in 1984 under the Department of Statistics. Its objective is to encourage the proper use of statistical methodology and to provide statistical expertise to colleagues on campus and to outside organizations. Statistical areas in which consultation may be provided include data analysis, design of experiments, analysis of categorical data, medical statistics, multiple logistic regression, social and business statistics, structural equation models, regression analysis, quality control, and time series analysis. 

For this academic year 2019/20, we provide the statistical consulting service on every Friday afternoon during the period 20 September 2019 to 29 May 2020, except for the school/public holidays. The regular office hour and venue is as follows:

Time: Every Friday 2-5 p.m. (except school/public holidays)

Venue: Lady Shaw Building Room 121.

Normally, services are provided on a walk-in and first-come-first-serve basis. No pre-appointment is required. You are welcomed to drop by with your statistical problems. We have well qualified graduate students and colleagues ready to answer you questions.

Under COVID-19 situation, we currently accept ONLY email appointment for consultation. Please send us email of your questions with your status (CUHK students or staff) and we will arrange a consultation through ZOOM meeting.

Tel: 3943 7921 (Prof. LIN Zhixiang)
Fax: 2603 5188