Messages from Alumni

Junior Trader / Hong Kong Jockey Club Football Betting Ltd
Tony Tse, BSc in Statistics 2019

It has been almost a year since I joined the Hong Kong Jockey Club as a Football Trader. As a statistics graduate and a football enthusiast, I appreciate this rare opportunity to apply my knowledge and extend my lifelong passion to my work. My daily work requires the use of various statistical models to perform simulations and computations, understand the performances of teams from historical matches. This helps us better gauge the strength of the teams in an upcoming match and thus predict the results. CUHK Statistics has provided me with the essential theories, techniques and tools to help me beat the odds and create value for my company.

Risk Analyst / BNP Paribus
Kam Kwok, BSc in RMSC 2018

The RMSC Programme covers an array of subjects, such as statistics, mathematics, economics and finance. The well designed courses and practical training help you develop solid analytical and technical skills. On top of that, I strongly encourage students to go on an overseas exchange trip. This will give you the opportunity to broaden your horizons and improve your soft skills, which are particularly helpful at work. With the sheer variety of choices it offers, the programme can show you directions you never knew existed and help you discover your own career path.

After graduation, I joined BNP Paribas as a risk analyst. This role exposes me to a variety of risk areas. Undoubtedly, the RMSC Programme helped me to reach the point I am at now, from outsmarting others during job hunting to excelling at my daily work. The technical skills I learned enable me to contribute to various areas, such as credit risk, market risk and automation, and my soft skills help me communicate with people across the globe in this multinational bank. Working in a bank, I have seen a growing demand for risk specialists and people with a risk-aware mind-set. If you are interested in quantitative analysis and keen to join the financial industry, this programme is for you.

Equity Derivatives Trader / J.P. Morgan
Jonathan Kwok, BSc in QFRM 2017

QFRM is the best programme for building practical knowledge combined with solid quantitative skills. Along with strong career support and cross-faculty benefits, I have made a number of long-lasting friends who are all quite intelligent and supportive. Three of us, including me, joined JPMorgan as summer interns in its Risk Management division. By applying our classroom knowledge to reality, all of us have grown significantly, and I was lucky enough to secure a full-time position. Beyond my studies, I went on two exchanges: UC Berkeley in California and Sciences Po in France. By seizing these chances, I’ve left my footprints in over 20 countries. Isn’t it amazing?

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