2019 Workshop on Finance, Insurance, Probability and Statistics (FIPS 2019), Fudan University, Shanghai, China

The primary purpose of the Ninth IMS-FIPS workshop is to bring together a global cast of leading experts and junior researchers from academia, industry and government, to this workshop, held annually since 2011 and sponsored by IMS that underscores the contributions, to Finance (F) and Insurance (I), of Probability (P) and Statistics (S), hence IMS-FIPS. It is held as a satellite workshop of this year's annual conference of the Society of Financial Econometrics held at Fudan University.


Scientific and Organising Committee

Tze Leung Lai (Stanford University, Chair)
Qingfu Liu (Fudan University)
Marcel Nutz (Columbia University)
Phillip Yam (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)



Columbia University
Fudan University
The Chinese University of Hong Kong