CHAN, Ping Shing 陳炳城

Position Associate Professor
Email benchan [at]
ORCiD 0000-0002-6983-5845
Phone Number 3943 7920
Fax Number 2603 5188
Address LSB 109

Academic Background

BSc, MSc, PhD(McMaster)

Research Interest

Selected Publication

  • M.H. Ling, P.S. Chan, H.K.T. Ng and N. Balakrishnan (2021). Copula Models for One-shot Device Testing Data with Correlated Failure Modes, Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods, 50 (16), 3875-3888.
  • H.K.T. Ng, M.H. Ling and P.S. Chan (2018). A Gamma Process Modeling Approach for the Comparison of Dissolution Profiles, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 44, 553-562.
  • Da, G., Xu, M. and P.S. Chan (2018). An Efficient Algorithm for Computing the Signature of Systems with Exchangeable Components and Applications, IISE Transactions, 50 (7), 584-595.
  • Da, G., Chan, P.S. and M. Xu (2018). On the Signature of Complex System: A Decomposed Approach. European Journal of Operation Research, 265, 1115-1123.
  • Zhao, P., Chan, P. S. and H. K. T. Ng (2012). Optimal Allocation of Redundancies in Series Systems, European Journal of Operations Research, 220, 673-683.
  • Tian, M., Tang, M.L., Ng, H.K.T. and P.S. Chan (2008), Confidence Intervals for the Risk Ratio under Inverse Sampling, Statistics in Medicine,  27, 3301-3324.
  • Ng, H.K.T., Balakrishnan, N. and P.S. Chan (2007), Optimal Sample Size Allocation for Tests with Multiple Levels of Stress with Extreme Value Regression, Naval Research Logistics, 54, 237-249.
  • Tang, M.L., Ng, H.K.T., Guo, J., Chan, W. and Chan P.S. (2006), Exact Cochran-Armitage Trend Tests: Comparisons under Different Models, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation,  76(10) 847-859.
  • Balakrishnan, N., Lin, C.T. and Chan, P.S. (2005) A Comparison of Two Simple Prediction Intervals for Exponential Distribution, IEEE Trans. Reliability, 54, 27-33.
  • Ng, H.K.T., Chan, P.S. and Balakrishnan, N. (2004), Optimal Progressive Censoring Scheme for the Weibull Distribution, Technometrics, 46, 470-418.
  • Balakrishnan, N. Lin C.T. and P.S. Chan (2004), Exact Inference and Prediction for K-sample Two-parameter Exponential Case under General Type-II Censoring, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 74(12), 867-878.
  • Chan, S.F., Tang N.S., Tang, M.L. and Chan, P.S. (2003) Statistical Analysis of Non-inferiority Trials with a Rate Ratio in Small-sample Matched-pair Design, Biometrics, 59, 1170-1177.
  • Tang, .L. , Tang, N.S., Chan, S.F, and Chan P.S. (2002). Sample Size Determination for Establishing Equivalence/Non-inferiority via Ratio of Two Proportions in Matched-pairs Design. Biometrics, 58, 957 – 963.
  • H. K. T. Ng, P. S. Chan and N. Balakrishnan (2002). Estimation of Parameters From Progressively Censored Data Using EM Algorithm, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 39, 371-386.
  • Tang, M.L., Chan, P.S. and Chan W. (2000), On exact unconditional test for linear trend in dose-response studied, Biometrical Journal, 11, 199-211.
  • Balakrishnan, N. and Chan, P.S. (2000), Start-up Demonstration Tests with Rejection of Units upon Observing d Failures, Ann. Inst. Statist. Math., 52, 1, 184-196.
  • Balakrishnan, N. and Chan P.S. (1998) On the Normal Record Values and Associated Inference, Statistics and Probability Letters, 39(1), 73-80.
  • Chan, P.S. (1998), Interval Estimation of Location and Scale Parameters Based on Record Values, Statistics & Probability Letters, 37, 49-58.
  • Wu. E.K.H. and Chan P.S. (1997), Distributions Minimizing Fisher Information for Location in Kolmogorov Neighourhoods, Ann. Inst. Statist. Math., 49, 3, 541-554.
  • Balakrishnan, N., Ahsanullah, M. and Chan, P.S. (1995), On the Logistic Record Values and Associated Inference, Journal of Applied Statistical Science, 2, No. 3, 233-248.
  • Balakrishnan, N. and Chan, P.S. (1992), Estimation for the Scaled Half Logistic Distribution under Type II Censoring, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 13, 123-141.
  • Balakrishnan, N. ,Chan, P.S. and Ahsanullah , M. (1993), Recurrence Relations for Moments of Record Values from Generalized Extreme Value Distribution, Communications in Statistics, Theory and Method, 22, 5, pp. 1471-1482.
  • Balakrishnan, N. and Chan, P.S. (1992), Order Statistics From Extreme Value Distribution, I: Tables of means, variances and covariances, Commun. in Statist., Simul. Comp., 21, 1199-1217.
  • Balakrishnan, N. and Chan, P.S. (1992), Order Statistics From Extreme Value Distribution, II: Best Linear Unbiased Estimates and Some Other Uses, Commun. in Statist., Simul. Comp., 21, 1219-1246.

Honors and Awards

  • Elected Member, International Statistical Institute, 2009
  • Service Award, Hong Kong Statistical Society, 2008

Major Research Grants

Title: Statistical Inference and Optimal Design of System-based Reliability Experiments
Funding Source: RGC GRF
Title: Progressive censoring schemes
Funding Source: RGC GRF
Title: Optimal sample size allocation in extreme-value regression
Funding Source: RGC GRF
Title: Testing equivalence in paired-sample design: an exact unconditional approach
Funding Source: RGC Earmarked Grant (HK$525,000)
Title: The analysis of dose-response data: An exact unconditional approach
Funding Source: RGC Earmarked Grant

Professional Activities

2003 – present
Associate Editor, Communications in Statistics
1996-1997, 2018-2020
Vice President, Hong Kong Statistical Society
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