Department History

The Department of Statistics (“the Department”) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) was founded in 1982. In fact, statistical activities at CUHK predate the formation of the Department. Throughout the past 30 years, the Department has been growing steadily as a result of valuable contributions of numerous faculty, staff members and students. Below shown is a chronicle of major events of the Department:

Year History
1979 Statistics (STAT) Programme was set up as an individual programme of study.
1981 Establishment of Division of Statistics at Graduate School, CUHK.
1982 Foundation of the Department. 17 students were enrolled in the first year with Prof. Howell Tong as the chairman
1986 Professor Sik-yum Lee assumed the duty of chairman of the Department.
1993 Professor Nai Ng Chan became the third chairman of the Department.
1994 The Department office relocated from Science Centre to the current site – Lady Shaw Building.
Professor Wing-hung Wong served as the chairman of the Department.
1998 Professor Yeh Lam succeeded Professor Wing-hong Wong and took up the chairmanship of the Department.
1999 Risk Management Science (RMSC) stream was launched. Professor Kim Hung Li assumed the chairmanship for one year.
2000 Professor Jian Qing Fan served as the seventh chairman of the Department.
Risk Management Science (RMSC) was expanded to be an individual programme of study.
The first batch of students majoring in RMSC was enrolled.
2004 Professor Ngai Hang Chan was inaugurated as the Department chairman.
2009 The Department first offered a double-major programme in Quantitive Finance and Risk Management Science (QRFM).
2012 Corresponding to the new 3-3-4 curriculum, the undergraduate programme in Statistics joined Science Faculty broad-based admission scheme.
2013 Professor Qi Man Shao was inaugurated as the Department chairman.
2018 Professor Xinyuan Song was inaugurated as the Department chair.

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