Dr John Wright Gave Statistical Talk to Secondary School Students
25 November 2021
Dr. John Wright gave a talk to the secondary school students on how maths and statistics can be used to optimize matching, The Secretary Problem and k-means clustering at The ELCHK Yuen Long Lutheran Secondary School on 25 November 2021.
There were 55 participants and the talk was well-received by school teachers and students who commended Dr. Wright delivered a great talk during which he illustrated mathematical ideas with interesting analogies and useful examples.
12 October 2022
Deep Learning for Trading and Risk Management – Professor WONG Hoi Ying
Professor Wong Hoi-ying uses the deep learning models to predict stock movements - research project displayed in technology exhibitions.
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30 December 2021
Brilliant Presentations-Faculty Postgraduate Research Day 2021-22
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26 November 2021
Media Interview on CDAS
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