Grants – XY Song

External Competitive Grants

  1. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Tree- and Machine Learning-based Causal Mediation Analysis Adaptive to Heterogeneity and Survival Data
    Funding Year: 2022. Amount $783,000. Principal Investigator
  2. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Multimorbidity Clusters in People with Dementia: A Multinational Cohort Study
    Funding Year: 2022. Amount $886,816. Co-Investigator
  3. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Extended Transformation Mean Residual Life Models and New Inference Approaches
    Funding Year: 2020. Amount $599,861. Principal Investigator
  4. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Joint Modeling of Zero-inflated and Partially Ordered Data with Latent Variables
    Funding Year: 2019. Amount $332,261. Principal Investigator
  5. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Bayesian Scalar- and Latent Factor-on-image Regression with Nonignorable Nonresponses
    Funding Year: 2018. Amount $304,301. Principal Investigator
  6. NSFC Grant
    Title: 高维参数和半参数模型下的似然推断
    Funding Year: 2018. Amount RMB 550,000. Co-Investigator
  7. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Semiparametric Hidden Markov Latent Variable Models for the Analysis of Multivariate Longitudinal Data
    Funding Year: 2017. Amount $472,351. Principal Investigator
  8. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Establishment of An Active Ageing Index for Hong Kong: Re-inventing the Lived Experience and Potential of Older People
    Funding Year: 2017. Amount: $380,038.
  9. NSFC Grant
    Title: 贝叶斯框架下带潜变量的区间删失数据的联合建模分析
    Funding Year: 2016. Amount RMB 500,000. Co-Investigator
  10. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Regression Analysis of Mean Residual Life Models with Latent Variables
    Funding Year: 2015. Amount $631,972. Principal Investigator
  11. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Development of Bayesian Local Inference Methods and Related Computer Programs for Advanced Structural Equation Models
    Funding Year: 2014. Amount $402,701. Principal Investigator
  12. NSFC Grant
    Title: 变换结构方程模型的非参数贝叶斯分析
    Funding Year: 2014. Amount RMB 600,000. Principal Investigator
  13. GRF Grant
    Title: Identification of Clinical and Genetic Predictors of Hyperglycaemia and Impaired Beta-cell Function in Chinese Children- An Analysis Using Mother-offspring Pairs
    Funding Year: 2013. Amount $562,921. Co-Investigator
  14. GRF Grant
    Title: Transformation Structural Equation Models for Analyzing Highly Non-normal Data
    Funding Year: 2011. Amount $560,832. Principal Investigator
  15. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Developments of Nonparametric Structural Equation Models and Related Computer Programs
    Funding Year: 2009. Amount $460,100. Principal Investigator
  16. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Inference for DTARCH and FARCH Models Based on Composite Weighted Quantile Regression
    Funding Year: 2009. Amount $312,000. Principal Investigator
  17. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Bayesian Analysis for Mixture of Structural Equation Models with Covariates and Missing Data
    Funding Year: 2008. Amount $423,141. Principal Investigator
  18. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Development of Dynamic Statistical Methods and Computing Programs for Analyzing Longitudinal Multivariate Data with Continuous, Discrete and Missing Data
    Funding Year: 2007. Amount $623,988. Principal Investigator
  19. RGC-GRF Grant
    Title: Semiparametric Methods and Computer Programs for Analyzing Latent Variable Models with Nonnormal Data from Highly Skewed, Heavy-tailed and/or Heterogeneous Distributions
    Funding Year: 2007. Amount $267,000. Co-Investigator
  20. Health, Welfare & Food Bureau-RFCID Grant
    Title: Examination of Inter-relationships between Chronic Hepatitis B Viral Infection and Genotypes Pathways on Cardiovascular and Renal Complications in HK Type 2 Diabetes Patients Using Novel Structural Equation Models
    Funding Year: 2006. Amount $398,160. Co-Investigator
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