Computing Facilities

The Department of Statistics provides the following state-of-the-art computing facilities for teaching and research purposes, which are managed by the Statistical Laboratory Management Committee.

  • PCs:
    • We have two Statistical/Risk Management Science Laboratories, totally equipped with 112 PCs, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students’ use.
    • Each postgraduate student is provided with a desktop with Intel Core i7 CPU with 64 GB main memory.
    • Four Bloomberg terminals are available for students and staff use..
    • All PCs are driven by Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. Common application software such as Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus, MATLAB, R, SAS and IBM SPSS Statistics are installed. The Department provides printing services on each PC.
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster:
    • The department is pleased to provide HPC service for faculty members and students whose work requires intensive computations. HPC services are supported by our high performance Linux cluster. The cluster is particularly used for solving complex computational problems and it provides computing power to handle various big data research activities in the area of genomic, bio-informatics and so on.
    • The current configuration of our Linux cluster involves:-
      1 x GPU node with eight NVIDIA A100 (40GB Memory)
      5 x GPU nodes with three NVIDIA Tesla V100 (32GB Memory)
      1 x GPU node with two NVIDIA Tesla P100 (16GB Memory)
      3 x compute nodes with dual Intel Xeon Gold 6246R CPU @ 3.4GHz and 1.5TB memory
      10 x compute nodes with dual Intel Xeon Gold 6246R CPU @ 3.4GHz and 256GB memory
      1 x compute node with dual Intel Xeon Gold 6244 CPU @ 3.6GHz and 512GB memory
      7 x compute nodes with 4 Intel Xeon Gold 6128 CPU @ 3.4GHz and 128GB memory
      3 x compute nodes with dual Intel Xeon E5-2690 v3 CPU @ 2.6GHz and 128GB memory
      A Lustre File System with capacity 253TB
    • In total, the cluster has 672 CPU cores to support the large-scale data analytics computation

Our university also provides the following computing facilties/services:

Online Computing Resources