Awardee List of Overseas Research Award

The Department has launched the captioned award since 2013-14. Students below received the award and participated in overseas research activities.

Year Awardee Name Destination
2020-2021 WANG, Lijun Harvard University, USA
2018-2019 KANG, Kai University of Michigan, USA
2018-2019 TANG, Wenlu Australian National University, Australia
2017-2018 DAI, Shan Monash University, Australia
2017-2018 GAO, Lan University of South California, USA
2017-2018 SHI, Jiasheng University of Michigan, USA
2017-2018 SONG, Fangda Yale University, USA
2017-2018 WANG, Xiaoqing Pennsylvania State University, USA
2016-2017 JIANG, Hangjin Stanford University, USA
2015-2016 LUO, Xiangyu Yale University, USA
2015-2016 ZHANG, Zhuosong Stanford University, USA
2015-2016 LAI, Yingying Imperial College London, UK
2014-2015 FENG, Xiangnan University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
2014-2015 WANG, Yifan University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
2013-2014 LI, Han Harvard University, USA
2013-2014 YANG, Ping University of Southampton, UK
2013-2014 ZHANG, Zheng University of Washington, USA