FAN, Xiaodan 樊曉丹

Position Professor
Email xfan - _ -
ORCiD 0000-0002-2744-9030
Phone Number 3943 7930
Fax Number 2603 5188
Address LSB 107

Academic Background

Ph.D. in Statistics (Harvard University)

M.S. in Pattern Recognition & Intelligent Systems (Tsinghua University)

B.E. in Automation (Tsinghua University)

Research Interest

Selected Publications

In Journals:

In Conferences:

Professional Services

  • Associate Editor, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics (2012-07 to Present)
  • Editorial Board Member, Frontiers in Genetics (2015-04 to Present)
  • Guest Editor, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (2014-11 to 2018-04)
  • Referee for Journals: Journal of the American Statistical Association, Annals of Applied Statistics, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, IEEE/ACM Trans. on Computational Biology; Bioinformatics, Psychometrika, Technometrics, PLoS Computational Biology, BMC Bioinformatics, etc.
  • Organizing Committee Member of Conferences: the 12th ICSA International Conference, the 4th Institute of Mathematical Statistics Asia Pacific Rim Meeting, CUHK Symposium on Statistics, etc.
  • Programme Committee Member of Conferences: ICBBB, BIBE, etc.


  • STAT 3003: Survey Methods (undergraduate course)
  • STAT 6040: Studies on Selected Topics II (postgraduate course)

My Postgraduate Students

Ph.D. Students:

  • Ji, Jie (Major: Statistics, 2021-present )
  • Li, Dongrong (Major: Statistics, 2020-present )
  • Zhu, Bencong (Major: Statistics, 2020-present )
  • Liu, Ran (Major: Statistics, 2019-2023 )
  • Zhang, Zhen (Major: Statistics, 2019-2023 )
  • Wang, Lijun (Major: Statistics, 2018-2022 )
  • Lian, Sheng (Major: Statistics, 2017-2021 )
  • Mao, Shanjun (Major: Statistics, 2017-2020)
  • Zhu, Yulin (Major: Statistics, 2016-2020)
  • Jiang, Hangjin (Major: Statistics, 2015-2018)
  • Wang, Chaojie (Major: Statistics, 2014-2018)
  • Shen, Linghao (Major: Information Engineering, 2013-2017)
  • Hu, Jie (Major: Statistics, 2011-2015)
  • Li, Chun (Major: Statistics, 2011-2014)
  • Li, Han (Major: Statistics, 2010-2014)
  • Jiang, Guozhi (Major: Medical Sciences, co-supervised with Prof. Ronald C.W. Ma, 2010-2013)
  • Liang, Tong (Major: Information Engineering, co-supervised with Prof. Shuo-Yen Robert Li, 2008-2013)
  • Han, Shengtong (Major: Statistics, 2009-2012)

M.Phil. Students:

  • Kwok, Chin Kiu (Major: Statistics, 2016-2018)
  • Tang, Sheung Ho (Major: Statistics, 2014-2016)
  • Chen, Zirui (Major: Statistics, 2014-2016)
  • Lau, Yuk Fai (Major: Statistics, 2013-2015)
  • Chan, Kwun Cheung (Major: Statistics, 2012-2014)
  • Lu, Jiayi (Major: Statistics, 2011-2013)
  • Fung, Ling Hiu (Major: Statistics, 2010-2012)
  • Li, Qiwei (Major: Information Engineering, co-supervised with Prof. Shuo-Yen Robert Li, 2008-2010)

Major Research Grants

  • FHB-HMRF Grant; Capacity: Co-Investigator
    Title: Functional, Phenotypical, and Multimodal Analysis of the Tertiary Lymphoid Structure (TLS) and TLS B Cells as Potential Novel Biomarkers and Immunotherapeutic Targets for Lung Cancer
    Period: 2022 – 2025
  • Hong Kong ITC-mainland MOST Joint Funding Scheme; Capacity: Co-Investigator
    Title: Detection and Functional Study of Genetic Structure Variations in Familial Breast Cancer Using the Third Generation Sequencing Technology
    Period: 2022 – 2024
  • UGC-CRF Grant; Capacity: Co-Principal Investigator
    Title: Hong Kong’s Window on the Universe: Building a Pioneering Submillimetre Astronomical Camera
    Period: 2021-2024
  • RGC-GRF Grant; Capacity: Principal Investigator
    Title: Consistent Model-free Ultra-high Dimensional Variable Selection for Binary Response
    Period: 2020 – 2022
  • RGC-GRF Grant; Capacity: Principal Investigator
    Title: Detection of Differentially Methylated Regions Based on Array or Sequencing Data
    Period: 2018 – 2020
  • RGC-Theme-based Research Scheme; Capacity: Co-Principal Investigator
    Title: Gastric Cancer Genomics and Beyond – Moving from Patient Samples to 3D Organoid Cultures for Integrative Genomics Analysis, Drug Sensitivity Assays, Cell Biological Studies and Animal Models
    Period: 2016 – 2022
  • RGC-GRF Grant; Capacity: Principal Investigator
    Title: Bayesian Integrative Clustering for Combining Vectorial Data and Network Data
    Period: 2016 – 2018
  • RGC-Theme-based Research Scheme; Capacity: Co-Investigator
    Title: An integrated trans-omics approach to diabetic cardio-renal complications: from novel discoveries to personalized medicine
    Period: 2014 – 2018
  • RGC-GRF Grant; Capacity: Principal Investigator
    Title: Bayesian Model-based Clustering of the Conformational Space of Biomolecules
    Period: 2013 – 2016
  • UGC-AoE Grant; Capacity: Co-Investigator
    Title: Institute of Network Coding
    Period: 2010 – 2017
  • RGC-GRF Grant; Capacity: Principal Investigator
    Title: Bayesian Data Integration Approach for Cell-Cycle Gene Network Inference
    Period: 2010 – 2012
  • ITC-ITF; Capacity: Co-Investigator
    Title: Developing a Platform to Deliver Personalized Healthcare Using Genotype-based Risk Algorithms to Predict Diabetes and Diabetic Complications
    Period: 2010 – 2012

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