Students will gain opportunities from Department of Statistics and Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Some of the government agencies and companies in which our students have had internships are:

  • Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR
  • Centre for Clinical Research and Biostatistics
  • New Media Group
  • Beta Labs under The Lane Crawford Joyce Group
  • Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
  • HSBC
  • The Bank of East Asia Limited
  • IBM China/Hong Kong Limited
  • Information Technology and Health Informatics Division, Hospital Authoity
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited
  • SenseTime Group Limited
  • Solomon Systech Limited
  • Madhead Limited


Opportunties are offered from world-class universities in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and others.

Student Sharings (From other majors of the Department)

Census and Statistics Department

NG, Siu Yan, BSc in Statistics

For this internship programme, I was assigned to the Science and Technology Section of the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD). This section mainly collects statistics that reflect public technology usage and the status of innovation in Hong Kong.

One of my major tasks was to manage a large database by creating a new user interface in Microsoft Access. To complete this task, I had to learn to use Access VBA and SQL, which were completely new to me. At first, this was quite challenging, as my weakness lies in programming, and I had to learn these languages on my own. However, with the assistance of colleagues, I adapted to the programming work. I was also assigned a research job that involved collecting and summarizing information to serve as a quick reference for survey interviewers during the data collection process. From these tasks, I learned not only new programming skills, but also how the Science and Technology Section processes various surveys.

I also gained a lot of knowledge from my supervisor at CUHK, Professor Fang Xiao. I was required to analyze a dataset on COVID-19 in Hong Kong to estimate and predict the number of daily cases. Although I found this difficult, by following my supervisor’s instructions I was able to complete the task and write a report on the foundations of the data analysis. This helped me to gain a deeper understanding of statistical techniques.

The Professional Attachment Programme is generally very good. This programme offers an ideal opportunity for students who want to gain more working experience and understand the work of the C&SD.

New Media Group

AU, Yui Ki, BSc in Risk Management Science

I was grateful for the opportunity to work as an intern at the New Media Group this summer, where I gained valuable experience. I was assigned to the Web and Application Platform Team, which is responsible for the company’s IT and database management.

During the internship, I was required to complete three main tasks. The first was to study the performance of the recommendation engine and propose a way to improve the algorithm. My second assignment was to optimize the article length for different business units. After collecting the completion rates of different articles and running an analysis to understand the current article performance, I had to propose an article length for different business units to improve the overall completion rate. My final task was to improve the click-through rate of the app push notification. I ran a multivariate regression analysis to find out how different factors, such as time, frequency and topic, affected the click-through rate, and made some suggestions based on the results. These three tasks allowed me to apply the theories I had learned in lectures to real-life scenarios, which provided a great opportunity to improve my practical statistical skills.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Department of Statistics and New Media Group for offering me this internship opportunity. I enjoyed my work at the New Media Group, and my colleagues were very friendly. I also learned a lot from this internship programme. In addition to practical statistical skills, my presentation and problem-solving skills improved greatly. I believe this real-life work experience will prove very helpful in my future career.

University of Toronto, Canada

Sabrina SO, BSc in Risk Management Science

During my exchange study in University of Toronto, I studied in Surveying modeling, probability and different distribution in Statistic and linear algebra in Mathematics. I also participating in various activities organized by different societies in the university, in which, I met lots of friends from all over the world and they enriched my exchange life a lot.

Apart from my study, this exchange experience helped me to be more independent and developed a clearer vision about my future and life goal. During the exchange, I lived in a town house with 3 roommates. Everyone has her own style of living and we need to learn to accommodate each other’s’ habit in order to live together. This strengthened my emotion and my cares towards others which is very important in ones’ personal development.

As a year 4 student, I also feel very frustrated about the future career path. The exchange period provided me a relax environment to experience more, learn more, meet more people. Under the relaxing, self-motivated and self-managed exchange life, I understand more about myself and discover the targets that I am longing for. Now, I have a clear goal that I work hard for.

I hope to express my sincere gratitude to the support from department and the sponsorship for my exchange study. This exchange does not merely give me a chance to explore more about the world, it also helps to equip me with more god personalities and strengths when encountering hardship. It enriches my life and enriches others’ life at the same time. During the exchange, I give advice and help to others. One day in the future, I will give what I receive to other student so that they can also gain a precious experience in their life time as what I can get now.