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YAU, Chun Yip 邱俊業
Name YAU, Chun Yip 邱俊業
Title Director, Risk Management Science Program
Position Associate Professor
Email cyyau@sta.cuhk.edu.hk
Phone Number 3943 7942
Fax Number 2603 5188
Address LSB 110
Homepage http://www.sta.cuhk.edu.hk/CYYau/
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Academic Background

B.Sc. (HKU) 2004

M.Phil. (CUHK) 2006

Ph.D. (Columbia) 2010

Research Interest
Time Series
Change-Point Analysis
Composite Likelihood Inference
Spatial Statistics
Environmental Statistics

Selected Publications
  1. Kwate, N.O.,  Yau, C.Y., Loh J.M., & Williams D. (2009). Inequality in obesigenic environments: fast food density in New York City, Health Place 15 (1), 364–373.
    --- Reprinted in Taking Food Public: Redfining Foodways in a Changing World. (2011). Editor: P.W. Forson, C. Counihan. Routledge, New York.
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  51. Chen, K., Chan, N.H, Yau, C.Y. and Hu, J. (2021+) Penalized Whittle Likelihood for massive spatial data. (Submitted) 

RMSC1101 Elementary Concepts in Risk Management
RMSC4005 Stochastic Calculus for Finance and Risk
STAT3008 Applied Regression Analysis
STAT4005 Time Series
STAT6104 Financial Time Series

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