The Computational Data Science (CDAS) programme, through the synergy of the strengths of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Statistics, focuses on the in-depth academic trainings in the domain of computational data science. It is designed to manufacture mathematical, technical and analytical skills to create solutions to lead data-driven decision making.

Programme Objective

It aims to equip students with the capabilities of applying both

  1. high-performance parallel and distributed computing for big data manipulation, and
  2. data-driven statistical procedures, methodologies and theories for mining patterns, making predictions, and discovering sciences from large and complex datasets.

Mission of the Programme

  • Enable students to develop cutting-edge massive data analytics and management solutions that are of practical interest to academics, industry, and society
  • Nurture local talents in computational statistics related applications to meet rising demand for data driven in the Information Age

The three circles correspond to:
Data Collection, Data Modeling, Data Analysis

Special Feature of the Programme

Computer Science: data structures, algorithms, parallel programming, and distributed computing system

Statistics: sampling methods, statistical modelling, high-dimensional statistics, computer-intensive statistical inference-

X Component: machine learning, data mining and data visualization for data-driven decision making in a specialized field

Specialized Streams

Four specialized streams (i.e., the X component) that apply the core knowledge of computational data science to different science, engineering, and medicine disciplines are offered to students:

  • Computational Data Science
  • Computational Physics
  • Computational Medicine
  • Computational Social Science

Media Interview on CDAS

A press conference was held by Communications and Public Relations Office, CUHK, to introduce the 4 new Bachelor of Science programmes including the BSc in Computational Data Science (JS4416).

Our CDAS program was interviewed by Singtao Daily on April 2022.