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Gamma Degradation Model and Related Applications: From Light Intensity to Drug Dissolution


In engineering and sciences, the process that a system reduces in performance, reliability or life span of assets gradually and irreversibly is known as a degradation process. Degradation measurements are recorded over time for prognostics and health management purposes. The gamma degradation model has been used to characterize the evolution of degradation measurements. In this talk, I will first provide an introduction to the gamma degradation model. Then, I will introduce a two-phase degradation model and discuss the likelihood and Bayesian inference for this model. The gamma model and the inferential methods are applied to analyze a real data set of light emitting diodes (LEDs). In addition to engineering applications, I will also discuss an application of the gamma degradation model in biopharmaceutical statistics. The gamma degradation model is used for assessing the similarity of two drug dissolution profiles and its merits are discussed.


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